RAPID - Residents for Accountability in Power Industry Development



Society will be powered by technology that runs clean.


Promote, lead and inspire actions that accelerate demand for clean power production.

Current Education, Outreach Program or Activities

  • Hub Oil Site Remediation: RAPID is in the process of bringing affected communities, government and, Hub Oil together to agree on a site clean-up plan that will meet the objectives of all the interested parties.
  • RAPID is an NGO representative on the Surface and Air Working Group and the Water Working Groups for the Alberta Energy Multi Stakeholder Advisory Committee, MAC, on Coal Bed Methane.
  • RAPID participates in a number of CASA project teams and working groups.
  • Partner with GREENMAX in a community based drive to increase residential subscribers to wind turbine generated electrical power.

Other information

RAPID formed to resist the location of a massive power plant in East Calgary. After long-term, sustained resistance from community and environmental groups, AES, the Virginia-based company that won an AEUB approval to go ahead and build on the site, canceled development plans.

Contact us:

414 Frobisher Blvd SE
Calgary, AB   T2H 1G5
Telephone: 403-259-3025
Email: airtime@agt.net
Organization contact:
Ian Peace, Chairman
91 Erin Rd SE
Calgary, AB   T2B 3H3
Phone: 403-248-0435
Email: airtime@agt.net

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