Flaring and Venting Implementation

The goal of the Flaring and Venting Implementation Team was to assess the performance of the upstream oil and gas industry in managing flaring and venting and to make recommendations regarding the framework for managing flaring and venting in Alberta.

For details, read the team’s terms of reference.

Progress to date:

After studying and discussing the issues related to the feasibility and implications of eliminating routine flaring and venting, the team prepared its final report.

It reported that a number of previous recommendations were implemented through regulations and best management practices, resulting in significant reductions in flaring and venting. It also developed two of their own concensus recommendations. Download the final report for more details.


Team co-chairs:

James Vaughan, Energy Resources Conservation Board (government)
Andrew Higgins, Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (industry)
Chris Severson-Baker, Pembina Institute (non-government organization)

Related information

The documents below offer additional reading for those interested in flaring and venting in Alberta. The documents and web links do not necessarily reflect the views of the CASA Flaring and Venting team, its subgroups, CASA board members or CASA stakeholders. 

If you have further questions about the Flaring and Venting project, email casa@casahome.org.


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